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Angie Carriere truly understands the internal battle that is created by excess weight and body changes that come with over-eating, having children and/or an aging body. Angie truly believes that every person deserves to ‘Feel Amazing’ and does everything in her power to teach, inspire and coach for that inner FREEDOM for each and every one of her clients. Angie is a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. With over 27 years of experience in the Counselling and Coaching field from her previous career, she brings a wealth of Knowledge and Passion into the Health and Wellness Field.

Angie shares: “It breaks my heart knowing there are so many that struggle with their body image to the point of feeling depressed, no energy, feeling like a failure, unattractive and wanting to hide. Aren’t we supposed to believe that ‘it is what is on the inside of us that counts?’. That is what we were always taught… so why can’t we just be ok with ourselves no matter what shape, size or weight we are? THE TRUTH?! We do care about looking our best and being at our optimal health. And for those of us that are aging… Damn rights the surprising body changes that happen over 40 can hurt our self-confidence. And YES, it does bother us when our clothes no longer fit, the muffin-top hangs over, we are 2 – 10 sizes larger then we once were and our mobility starts becoming limited. These body and health changes truly disturb our inner peace. The struggle is real. Bless all of you that cannot relate to the above statement. Everyone else… it does not have to be like this. It is time to BREAK THIS CYCLE and live your life to the fullest! You DESERVE to Feel Amazing and experience the FREEDOM from within.

In attempting to tackle my own body image issues and changes to my aging body, I enrolled in various one-size-fits-all diets and trending workout programs only to feel worse about myself in the end. For over 17 years I have been a student of our mind and body. Continually researching and studying the science behind gaining and losing weight, becoming healthy, how to create change through new eating lifestyles, how to exercise effectively and safely to create change, and the list goes on. There is so much information out there that it is truly overwhelming.

There are 4 things that FINALLY created the change for me and are the fundamentals of my business today.
#1 Nutritional Ketosis,
#2 Intermittent Fasting,
#3 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and
#4 Strength Training.

My discovery needed to be taught & shared with the world! My PASSION was born and back to school I went at over 40 years old. HENCE, the birth of ReDefine Health and Fitness with Angie. NO MORE struggle! There is a solution! Working with me will be your new nonjudgmental SAFE ZONE to be yourself and start your journey to ReDefining a new relationship with your mind and body. Let me simplify the process for you and free up your time to just LIVE life to the fullest WHILE getting the results you desire.

Whether it is a new result producing exercise regimen you are looking for and/or How to do Keto ‘The RIGHT way’ with an easy to follow plan or the combination of both; You will once again Feel Amazing! No pills and no powders; simply whole foods and exercise. RELAX your mind, follow the program, and experience the freedom while creating change. The change will come and you will experience a oneness with your mind and body once again that will leave you Feeling Amazing. You DESERVE IT!”

Yes You Can Experience The Freedom



As a Mother it’s funny how you can forget about yourself and put yourself last. I decided after years of being over weight to put myself first for the first time in 19 years. I contacted Angie in October 2018 to help me with my weight loss journey and she introduced me to the keto life style.

What worked so well for me was Angie’s meal plan. I knew everyday what I would be eating for breakfast, lunch and supper. I could plan out my grocery shopping for the week and after a hard day at work I didn’t have to think about planning a meal.

In 2 months I lost my goal weight of 30 pounds and then decided to loose 5 more. I have lost a total of 36 pounds and I FEEL AMAZING! I can not believe how good I feel and how much energy I have. But most importantly, I feel good about myself and how I look. This program is amazing and it is a life choice I plan on continuing for the rest of my life.

The best part of all is Angie! She is an excellent weight loss coach, personal trainer and friend. Angie is one of the most kind, caring, honest, supportive, positive and knowledgeable person I know. She was and is always there for me.

I strongly recommend contacting Angie if you feel like I felt. Take care of yourself and know you matter. This is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Thanks Angie for giving me my life back!


After 50, our body changes and it becomes much more difficult to stay fit and even working out may not get the results you have been used to in the past. After working out my entire life, and then suffering an injury that didn’t allow me to continue my physical fitness level for two years, followed by a new and very busy career, I woke up one day and realized I was no longer fit! Time to get serious and do something about it!

Fast forward to six weeks later after following Angie’s ketogenic meal plan and HIIT workouts, I’m amazed at how it changed my body & eating habits – it’s AMAZING! At 8 lbs off after 6 weeks I’m at my goal weight and so excited about looking GREAT in my wedding dress. GOAL ACHIEVED! An added Bonus; I’m experiencing no sugar or starch cravings, I’m seeing muscle definition and I feel unbelievably alert and energetic again! A total game changer! At the end of the day, what I love about working with Angie the most (aside from her exuberant energetic personality) is that she genuinely wants to see her clients all WIN! And she will do whatever it takes to support you in that venture. She ensures that we all have a workout that works for us, gives us options based on our ability and is readily available to answer any questions at the workouts or after hours.

Join today. It’s worth it and so are you. Eat well, feel great and build amazing relationships with other women who are like minded. And the best part? The results are AMAZING!

Michelle Wildeman

Get in – Workout – Feel Amazing

Don’t wait until you’re in shape to join, JOIN to get into shape

You will LOVE your experience and you will LOVE your results! All spring, summer and fall fitness classes are all outdoor! What an AMAZING way to get into shape while enjoying the beautiful outdoors! Winter brings us indoors, but everyone’s smiling faces brings a ray of sunshine to your day even without the sun. Our fitness community brings a powerful positive state of mind that will leave you feeling amazing! There is nothing more beneficial than group fitness. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, all classes are modified to YOUR fitness level, allowing you the freedom of an amazing workout.

A great add on . . . combine your work outs with my ‘customized meal planning service’ to yield the best and quickest results possible! AND the great news about this service is . . . your location doesn’t matter as it can all be done through phone calls and technology. My Weight Loss Coaching Service works and it is powerful. I take all of the guess work out of what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and more. Super simple and super successful.


Don’t have time to work out? BUT sooooo tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. This class is PERFECT for you! Get in, workout, get out. The best part of it all . . . YOU WILL GET amazing RESULTS in the shortest period of time. One of my FAV workouts that will leave you feeling ELATED all day long!

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) will burn fat and sculpt muscles fast — in fact, studies have shown that HIIT workouts can burn over 13 calories per minute!

ALL FITNESS LEVELS – it can be as gentle or as intense as you want it. Modifications for all

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

7 AM and 9:15 AM

Or use my Drop in option. Text for space availability the day of class

Looking for SERIOUS change? Major change starts in the kitchen! 80% of our Body Composition is a direct result of what, when and how much we are eating. Use the add on option for a reduced price for your customized meal plan for weight loss. This comes with your own app, a detailed meal plan and coaching. Reduced price when you purchase 10 or more sessions at one time.

Have your own workout regime but need the customized meal plan, app and coaching? YES, this can be purchased alone and you can be anywhere in North America to experience it.

If your choice is a KETO lifestyle, this package also comes with a private Facebook group for extra support and education on how to live keto.


What an incredible 2018 summer it was. Thank you to every single participant they came out to my Waskesiu summer fitness classes. I can’t thank you enough for the smile’s, the laughs and the amazing times we had before, during and after our workouts.The atmosphere was phenomenal, the workouts were fantastic and the people were exceptional. Thank you to all my 2018 Waskesiu summer clients! It was such a privilege to work with you. Can’t wait to see you next year.  Schedule will be up May long weekend 2019, see below for what to expect.

Enhance your Lake experience with FANTASTIC fun group outdoor Fitness classes. 3 great classes to choose from . . . there is a class for everyone! OR, you can even have me create your own!

Not only will you enjoy the beauty of the beach and/or the park while you take your fitness to the next level, but you will thoroughly enjoy the people you meet in these classes. Such a breath of fresh air!

Whether you are new to exercise or an advanced athlete, each class is modified to YOUR fitness level. Experience Waskesiu fitness today . . . don’t miss a workout just because you are at the lake.

AND YES, HIIT training is included in Fitness on the Beach and my Fitground Class!


Join the fitness fun in Waskesiu this summer. Three great class types for all fitness levels.

Experience beautiful Waskesiu Park as you come together with other like minded individuals for a guided workout to promote flexibility, mobility, cardio health and strength.

Experience the beauty of Waskesiu beach for your early morning lake view work out. It is truly breathtaking.

Get in – Workout – Feel Amazing

Feel Amazing Apparel

Be the first to ROCK this new design. ‘FEEL AMAZING’ is a direct result of ReDefining your relationship with your mind, body and spirit. Taking care of YOU is where it’s at! These quality great fitting stylish shirts will remind you every day why you put the effort into self-care! Own one today…

A Customized Plan To Get You Results

There truly is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than trying to learn about accurate macro percentages, total calories needed, and creating meal plans to fit into that macro and calorie count. Let me give you peace of mind by creating your customized meal plan based on properly calculated calories and macronutrients needed to reach your goal. We will decide on what type of eating lifestyle you want, so you can follow a plan that is sustainable for life not a quick fix. Combine that with a customized workout that fits your lifestyle, you will be able to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Interested in HIIT Classes or a Customized Meal Plan?

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