Weight Loss Coaching

There truly is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than trying to learn about accurate macro percentages and total calories needed to change your body’s composition. And to top it off, once you know these calculations, then the daunting task of creating the right meal plans to fit into that macro and calorie count is a long and tedious task.

Let me give you peace of mind while I take the guess work out of what to eat, portion sizes and when to eat to reach your weight loss goals. I will create your customized meal plan based on properly calculating your calories and macronutrients needed to reach your goal. We will decide on what type of eating lifestyle you want, so you can follow a plan that is sustainable for life not a quick fix. There are many eating plans to choose from and YES the KETOGENIC lifestyle is one of them!

As a bonus with this service, you will receive access to my APP that makes it easy to print your grocery list, scan bar codes for macros and calories, exchange foods, easily track your food intake and your exercise. You will LOVE IT!

All meal plans created are dietician approved

One on One Personal Training

Going to the gym can be daunting when you do not know what you are doing in the fitness world. Deciding to work out at home alone can be even worse, as where do you start and what the hec do you do? Exercise is one thing, but doing each exercise properly to get the results you want and to avoid injury is another.

I will help you create a customized workout that fits your lifestyle, your goals and teach you proper technique to get the results you want!  The location for your workouts are your choice. We can do them in your home, cabin, office, my home, the park . . . the choices are endless. Where ever you feel the most comfortable to begin your journey.

Our Recommendation

Combine the 2 above services to yield the best results in your weight loss journey. Our nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. When you change your eating habits along with your exercise program, you will have MUCH better results as well as you will be far more likely to sustain your results because of creating new lifestyle habits.


Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach
Certified Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor
Can-Fit Pro Personal Trainer
Can-Fit Pro Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach
Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED instructor
Merrithew Total Barre Instructor Foundation Training
TRX Suspension Trainer
Fitness Kickboxing of Canada Bootcamp Instructor

Angie is committed to ongoing education to ensure delivery of the best possible service to her clients.  She takes at least 1 new class each month to enhance her skill level.

Get in – Workout – Feel Amazing

Saskatoon Group Fitness Classes

  • March 2 – April 8th, $ 202
    • (Mon, Wed, Fri)  
    • 7 am – 30 min HIIT Express
  • March 2 – April 8th, $ 321
    • (Mon, Wed, Fri)  
  • If there are days you know you are not available upon registering, I will take those days off the price.
    • * BUT must be done upon registering

Drop in $15 per class for drop in for HIIT or weight class (Text first for availability)

Drop in $22 per class for drop in for HIIT AND weight class (Text first for availability)

*Ask me about punch cards if you need EXTREME Flexibility of all classes

30 Minute HIIT EXPRESS . . . there is NOTHING like it! FAST, EFFECTIVE and Super FUN!

Also newly added is 30 Minute ‘Woman & Weights’. SCULPT your Body!

Don’t have time to work out? BUT sooooo tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. This class is PERFECT for you! Get in, workout, get out and FEEL AMAZING

This 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Class will change the way you view fitness. More is not actually ‘more’. 30 mins of comprehensive, strategically focused training is all you need to take your body and your life to the next level fast. It is ‘THE’ exercise Regimen that burns fat the fastest! In fact, studies have shown that HIIT workouts can burn over 13 calories per minute! 3 Times as fast as a 1 hour steady state cardio session. START today and Feel Amazing

  • Shed Fat
  • Define Muscle
  • Transform Your Physique
  • Enhance Overall Health
  • ReDefine Your Relationship With Your Mind & Body


ALL FITNESS LEVELS – it can be as gentle or as intense as you want it.  I give modifications for all fitness levels INCLUDING those that have never ever exercise before. Start NOW and FEEL AMAZING

Looking for SERIOUS change? Major change starts in the kitchen! 80% of our Body Composition is a direct result of what, when and how much we are eating. You can use an add on option for a reduced price for your customized meal plan for weight loss. I work directly with a powerful Team of dieticians that will give you your recommended calorie deficit and we create a dietitian approved meal plan that is right for you to reach your weight loss goals. This comes with your own app, a detailed meal plan and coaching. Reduced price when you purchase 10 or more sessions at one time. See Weight Loss Services for more details or message me to set up your FREE Consultation

Have your own workout regimen? But need the customized meal plan, app and coaching? YES, this can be purchased alone and you can be anywhere in the world to experience it.

If your choice is a KETO lifestyle, this package also comes with a private Facebook group for extra support and education on how to live a NUTRIOUS Ketogenic Lifestyle

Waskesiu Group Fitness


What an incredible 2019 summer it was! Thank you to every single participant they came out to my Waskesiu Summer Fitness Classes. I can’t thank you enough for the smile’s, the laughs and the amazing times we had before, during and after our workouts. The atmosphere was phenomenal, the workouts were fantastic and the people were exceptional. Thank you to all my 2019 Waskesiu summer clients! It was such a privilege to work with you. Can’t wait to see you next year. The NEW schedule will be up May long weekend 2020


Here are the classes you can expect in 2020. If you have special requests, please feel free to contact me.


Enhance your Lake experience with FANTASTIC fun group outdoor Fitness classes. 3 great classes to choose from . . . there is a class for everyone! OR, you can even have me create your own! Not only will you enjoy the beauty of the beach and/or the park while you take your fitness to the next level, but you will thoroughly enjoy the people you meet in these classes. Such a breath of fresh air! Whether you are new to exercise or an advanced athlete, each class is modified to YOUR fitness level.


Did you miss purchasing your ‘FEEL AMAZING WASKESIU’ shirt this summer? See pics below and message me your size and style and I can get these mailed to you quickly. A GREAT Birthday or Christmas gift for that special someone in your life as well


Experience Waskesiu fitness . . . don’t miss a workout just because you are at the lake.

Experience the beauty of Waskesiu beach for your early morning lake view work out. It is truly breathtaking.

Experience beautiful Waskesiu Park as you come together with other like minded individuals for a guided workout to promote flexibility, mobility, cardio health and strength.

Join the fitness fun in Waskesiu this summer. Three great class types for all fitness levels.


Create Your Own Fitness Class

Don’t see your favorite workout time and/or class type? You, your friends and family can create your own! There is nothing more fulfilling then working out with a great group of friends and family. You pick the time, place and workout type and I will come to you. I will create a fantastic fitness experience for your group.

Employee Wellness Program – Treat your staff to great HEALTH! How about a great fitness class that is perfect for a lunch hour? Eating plans and fun challenges that support exceptional energy and great productivity. By boosting employee fitness, corporate wellness and fitness challenges help employees to develop healthier eating and exercise habits, manage stress better and improve their overall health. These challenges also reduce absenteeism and improve job performance and morale.

Get in – Workout – Feel Amazing

Interested in HIIT Classes or a Customized Meal Plan?

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Classes for all fitness levels

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