Angie has such enthusiasm you can’t help but work hard. I learned new techniques and had fun working out on the beach with friends and family. A great way to start the day. No matter what level you are working at Angie will meet you there.
Debbie Shutte

Angie Carriere is a great trainer who I think greatly of. She takes every client as serious as the next. Each and every person felt like they had their own personal trainer at bootcamp. I even had Angie make me my own personal workout and well after she made it, if i ever had a question or concern she was a text away and always answered. She is firm and motivates you, but also caring and respects and knows your body has limitations. I left each and every bootcamp feeling refreshed, motivated, and fully worked.  Angie doesn’t just do workouts though; she can teach you all about healthy eating and ways to not just get fit, but stay fit. Angie is wonderful to work with and great to be around. I would recommend Angie Carriere to anyone who asked.

Jada Stevenson

Last summer I did ‘Fitness on the Beach’ with Angie and she gave us great full body workouts. It was so fun! I really liked how she gave us options at each workout station so the workout could be done at every level of fitness. That was good to know because we are all at different fitness levels. I felt very accomplished after my workout and if anyone of us had any questions pertaining to workouts, certain exercises or diet, Angie always had great suggestions for us all. I am so looking forward to another summer of Fitness on the beach With Angie.
Darla Benson

Thank you Angie for an amazing workout! The beach provided the perfect environment. Your coaching was impeccable! Your options for each exercise made each station challenging but not impossible. My muscles were sore in all the right way and right places, LOVED it! Thank you!!
Meng Sun

I attended Angie’s boot camp last summer and enjoyed it.  It was nice to be able to have access to this type of workout when I was at the lake.  She was very knowledgeable about the excercises we were asked to do and stressed that we should do only what we felt comfortable with so it was not a competition with the other members of the class.  I also liked that there were a variety of excercises  and they changed from class to class..  A very fun way to get a good workout.  I highly recommend  this class to anyone no matter what fitness level you may be at.
Karen Yarmenko

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